Pain This is the first of three sessions exploring how new information about pain can help you get on top of it. We’ll be looking at what changes in your brain and body when acute pain turns into chronic or long-term pain and how together you and your physio can positively influence the pain you…

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What is Shock Wave Therapy?

What is Shock Wave Therapy? What is shock wave therapy? Shock wave therapy is a treatment technique where pressure waves are directed towards a painful point in a muscle, tendon or bone. There are many different types of shock waves but the one we use at Miami and Lakelands Physiotherapy is called Extracorporeal shock wave…

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Shoulder Surgery vs Physio

Shoulder Surgery vs Physio Is surgery the best option for shoulder pain – what you should know. The answer is surprising. I’m going to explain some research to answer this question and let you know what you should do if you have shoulder pain caused by subacromial impingement. There has been a lot of interest…

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