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Hey, I’m Rheine from Miami Physio and Lakelands Physio, and this is part 2 of our ACL series where I talk about 3 exercises you can do to prevent an ACL injury. 

  1. Banded Reverse Lunges – First up, we’ve got the banded reverse lunges. You’ll start by stepping one leg into a band that’s attached to a pole, rack, or door attachment; placing it just below your knee and maintaining tension on the band. From there, you’re going to step back with the other leg, keeping the heel of that foot off the ground. You’re then going to bend both knees to create 2 90-degree angles with your legs, keeping your core and bum muscles engaged. Push through the heel of your front leg and press against the band to engage your quads more.
  2. SL Ball Pass – Next, we have the single-leg ball pass which can be done with a partner or against a wall. Stand on one leg and pass the ball into the wall or towards your partner while maintaining your balance. Catch the ball and repeat. You can progress this exercise by doing it on a bosu ball, as shown.

  3. Counter Movement Jump – Finally, a counter-movement jump, which is a plyometric exercise, is done by generating force into the ground using the arms and using that force to explode up as hard and as quick as you can. Upon landing, you wanna make sure that you absorb the energy through a squat. As seen in the video, you can progress this by jumping from a box.

Repeat each exercise 12 times, 2-3 times per day.

What else can you do?

We have researched the most up-to-date ACL injury prevention programs, and after a thorough assessment of your ROM, strength, and functional capabilities and requirements, we can develop a unique, tailor-fit program to help you avoid ACL and other knee injuries. A program includes a number of different interventions, such as proprioceptive, neuromuscular, resistance, balance, and agility training, among others.

If you’re someone looking to prevent ACL and other knee injuries, or you know someone who does, it’s important to get an assessment to ensure that the program is right for you. Call us at the clinics or book online to have your assessment. 

What if you already have an ACL injury? What should you do? Do you need to have surgery?
Look out for part 3 to find out.


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