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Physiotherapy For Foot Injuries

At Miami Physiotherapy, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care for those suffering from foot injuries.

We understand each foot injury is unique, which is why our experienced physiotherapists create a personalised program tailored specifically to your recovery needs. Our approach delivers comprehensive care designed to accelerate your healing and improve your mobility.

If you’re struggling with a foot injury, don’t wait to seek help. Book a consultation with us today and take the first step towards regaining your foot health and comfort.

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Heel Spurs and Plantarfasciopathy (formally plantar fasciitis)

Plantarfasciopathy (PF) is the chronic inflammation and irritation of the plantar fascia tendon under the foot. This is the structure that helps to hold your foot arch, and when unhappy causes pain under the heel of your foot with weight-bearing – especially first thing in the morning and when getting up after sitting for a while.

Tight calf muscles, poor foot biomechanics (low or high arches), changes in exercise routine/type often contribute to the problem. The continuous loading of the tendon into the calcaneal hell insertion can result in calcification and the formation of a spur under the heel.

As with Achilles Tendon spurs, this spur is the result or symptom of the tendon problem and not the true cause of the pain.

The PF behaves as a tendon, and as such is rehabilitated the same way. So like tendons, it is important to understand that the PF will not heal with rest, it will get weaker and ultimately the problem becomes worse.

PF also do not heal if overloaded, again the PF will become aggravated and then deteriorate. The solution is the promotion of healing, controlled loading (as opposed to complete offloading and rest) and slow, graded, specific tendon loading protocols.

Our physios are experts at correctly assessing the current tolerable tendon load and designing an appropriate program to get your tendon healing.

Our Services

Our expert physiotherapists are trained to assess your ankle or foot pain and determine the cause. They can also screen sporting people/athletes for risk factors and teach/recommend preventative injury programs. It is especially important to complete your ankle rehabilitation program to prevent recurrence of the same injury. The services that will help you prevent or recover from your ankle or foot pain are:


Remedial Massage

Shockwave Therapy

Dry Needling

Taping, bracing and orthotics

Exercise prescription and balance/proprioception training

Exercise programs – hydro, gym, pilates, classes

Musculoskeletal screening

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