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Fast effective treatment when and where you need it.

Book your remedial massage or physiotherapy appointment today.

Fast effective treatment when and where you need it.

Book your remedial massage or physiotherapy appointment today.

Giving you a tailored treatment plan to help you meet your health goals

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Not all Physiotherapy is the same!
At Miami Physiotherapy we feel it is important that you are part of the process of your rehabilitation. So we take the time to explain what to expect during your physiotherapy consultation. We also think it’s important that you understand your diagnosis (what the problem is), your prognosis (how long it will take to get better, and how much better) and are actively involved in your physiotherapy management to set and achieve your health goals. We will work with you to devise a treatment plan in writing so that you understand exactly what needs to done (by your therapist and yourself), how many treatments it is likely to take to reach your goal using the best treatment strategies that have been proven effective. Everyone is different, and we take an individual approach to find a solution that is the best for you that will give you the best chance at achieving your goal.

At Miami Physiotherapy we are extremely proud of our excellent reputation and will endeavour to efficiently assess your health concern and get you started on your return to your fit, healthy and happy best.

Our Physio Services


Physiotherapy is an Allied Health Profession; that is, it is a healthcare profession that works alongside traditional medicine…

Remedial Massage Therapy

Anna Petito our Remedial Masseuse and is originally a Physiotherapist from Brazil. Remedial massage is a…

Shockwave Therapy

The effect of the shockwave is neovascularisation (meaning the formation of new blood flow), reversal of chronic…

Dry Needling

Our physiotherapists may use dry needling as part of your treatment. In the physiotherapy setting this is more correctly called…


1 on 1 individual pilates sessions on mat and small equipment

Hydrotherapy Programs

We do not have a pool on-site, but are able to access West Swim pool and can provide a program and go to the pool with you if required.

Gym and Exercise Programs

Gym equipment programs can be provided, but we don’t have a gym on site. We are happy to travel to your gym of choice within the Mandurah area to provide in-person instructions.

Comfortable Physiotherapy in Lakelands

Shelley Sloper opened Miami Physiotherapy in Falcon in 2006, with just herself and a part time admin person. With the support of the community, she has been able to grow the business to the current level. In 2017 she opened the second Miami Physio location in Lakelands.

The team consists of with 7 physiotherapists, 2 remedial massage therapists and 3 pilates instructors as well as an amazing administration support team led by Elizabeth Maher. The Miami Physio team works over 2 locations – Falcon and Lakelands to deliver a high level physiotherapy, pilates and massage service.

At Lakelands the clinic is located at the Lakelands Shopping Centre with modern treatment rooms and a small exercise area. Here the team can deliver the high quality physiotherapy services we are renown for, as well as individual floor and small equip exercise sessions (including individual pilates sessions). If you are requiring a gym program, we are happy to design an individual program for you, and can go to your preferred location with you to teach you your exercises and progressions as required. We also have access to West Swim and are able to provide hydrotherapy exercise programs, which we can teach you at West Swim or your pool of choice.

Both of our clinic locations have shockwave therapy machines (RPW), Real Time Ultrasound guided training of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, and use PhysiApp to deliver you your exercises in a easy to use App. All of our physios and our remedial massage therapists are trained in dry needling and taping techniques.

Looking for Miami Physiotherapy in Falcon? Visit our Falcon clinic page.

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