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RTUI can be helpful if you have low back, pelvic or hip pain, or muscular disorders such as recurrent hamstring or groin strains. RTUI allows your physiotherapist to visualise your muscles in your area of concern to see whether these muscles are working properly. This takes the guesswork out of retraining your important muscles and is far more accurate than using our hands alone to feel your muscles. By visualising your muscles, we can ensure that you are contracting your muscles correctly, or if not, we can teach you how to use your muscles properly. This means, your exercise program will get the results you want faster!

RTUI is safe and painless. Your physiotherapist and you will be able to see the screen and watch your muscles contract as you follow the directions of your physiotherapist. This visual biofeedback is very effective at helping you to correctly learn your exercises and correct any faults in your technique.

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