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Ankle sprains can vary in severity from strains, to tears in the ligaments. Regardless of the extent of the injury, some rehabilitation exercises will help to regain any strength loss and aid the return to sport process. The level of difficulty with the exercises will depend on your stage in the rehabilitation process.

Three exercises you can do following an ankle sprain to help rebuild strength and balance are:

  1. Single leg balance with or without distraction
  2. Theraband eversion
  3. Calf raises

Studies show that more than 10% of injuries in sport are recurrent injuries. Meaning that your risk of re-doing the same injury is higher, especially if you don’t complete your rehabilitation. Injury Prevention Programs which include a range of exercises including strength, flexibility, neuromuscular control and proprioception prevent on average 40% of injuries across a large range of sports. These 3 ankle exercises show an example of exercises that cover strength, proprioception and neuromuscular control. A further progression would include plyometric exercises to add in dynamic stretch, strength and control once your ankle injury is able to be progressed by your physio.

So if you have had any ankle problems in the past or recently had an ankle sprain, come and see us at Lakelands and Miami physiotherapy for an assessment and the right exercise program for your recovery.

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