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Have you got a banana back? Do you struggle standing without over arching your lower back? It sounds like you have anterior pelvic tilt.

Today I’m going to explain to you what an anterior pelvic tilt is, its causes and what you could you to help it.

I’ll start off by demonstrating the different pelvic positions:

Posterior pelvic tilt

Where the tailbone is tucked under and the spine flattens.

Neutral spine

Where the pelvis is sitting mid line.

Anterior pelvic tilt

Were the bottom sticks back and the lower back over-arches.

The main causes for an anterior pelvic tilt are weakened core muscles, tight muscles through the front of the hips and weak muscles in the glutes and hamstrings. This could be due to injury, lifestyle factors and poor postural habits. Although having a curve in the lower part of your back is normal, if this is accentuated it can lead to low back pain – particularly with sitting or when the back is getting loaded.

It can be helped by a combination of stretches and strengthening exercises to correct any muscle imbalances which can decrease the amount of stress in the low back.

So if this sounds like you, come down and see at Miami Physiotherapy or Lakelands Physiotherapy and we can set you up with a program to help get on top of it.

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