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Today I am going to go over a few pieces of equipment that will help to keep you fit and healthy during an isolation period.
Some of you may have already been given some exercises from a physiotherapist that may or may not require equipment. Although we can easily work around what you have access to, it makes our life much easier with a few of these basics.

Firstly – spiky balls or foam rollers. Many of you who have been to a physio before will likely have been advised to already get one of these. They are often used in addition to stretching and getting deeper to release tension into muscles

Secondly – resistance bands. These are a fantastic way to add a bit of resistance to your exercises and home workouts can be based entirely around these bands. They will tend to come in a formed loop or one long piece of elastic. Either one is a great option! Other useful tools are kettlebells or dumbbells

Thirdly – a yoga mat. Particularly helpful for performing stretches or if you are wishing to take part in our online pilates class. For more information on these classes give Lakelands Physiotherapy 95429999 or Miami Physiotherapy 95344111 a call!

Lastly – download physitrak. This is a way that we are able to communicate to you while you are in a period of isolation so you still get that face to face contact and advice on how to manage your current pain or injury. We are also able to send you helpful exercises suited to your injury through this app

A few of these things can be picked up from either or Lakelands or Miami physiotherapy clinics, otherwise places like Kmart have quite the variety, and who doesn’t love a trip to Kmart! (Although don’t go if you are already isolated). Regardless, give us a call at either one of our clinics to speak to one of our friendly staff members if you are concerned about your rehabilitation during an isolated period.

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