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Back at the office or still working from home – it’s about time you checked your set-up.

This topic comes at the request of the Mandurah Council Offices – so I hope you are all paying attention today!

Before we start – it is not all about your set up or your posture! Whatever your work entails – you need to think of your self as an athlete. You need to train to be able to cope with the demands you are putting on your body – whether you are sitting at a desk, or standing in a classroom, or driving for long periods. These tasks all take muscular endurance and strength. For your body to cope with these tasks you need to be strong enough so that the muscles don’t fatigue. 

Here’s another secret to a pain-free work day: change posture and position frequently. Sustained postures will lead to fatigue and pain. So set a reminder and get moving at least once an hour!

So, whilst it’s not all about the ergonomics of your set-up, having a good set-up will help to maximise your work efficiency and minimise your chance of developing postural pain and overuse injuries. If this sounds good to you, keep watching and I’ll show you my tips for your best set-up, even from home.

Let’s get started auditing your set-up:

  1. Your chair: A chair that is adjustable so that you can 
    • Sit with your feet flat on the floor or resting on an adjustable foot rest,
    • With a gap of about 2cm from the chair to the back of your knees
    • With a gap of about 2cm between the top of your knees and the underside of your table
    • A back rest that you can adjust, raise or lower to support your lower back.
  2.  Your computer station:
    •  Your wrists are in-line with your forearms 
    • Your mouse is close to your keyboard
    • The keyboard is close to your body so that you are not over-reaching
    • Your shoulders are relaxed and positioned so that your elbows are at a comfortable 90d angle whilst your hands are on the keyboard
  3. Your screen:
    • The screen is between 35 and 70cm from your face at a comfortable reading length
    • The top of your screen is at or just below your eye height
    • The screen is free from glare or reflections
    • You have a document holder positioned between yourself and the screen, in line with, or as close as possible to eye height

How did you go? To make it easier for you, I have a checklist you can run through and get your set-up as ideal as possible. Just comment below with “checklist” and I’ll get it sent to you.

Don’t forget – it’s not just about your set-up, it’s about taking frequent breaks in position, and training your body to be strong enough to manage your work demands. 

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