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Often people come into us at Miami & Lakelands Physiotherapy reporting pain due to tight muscles that they have been trying to self-manage. Most people know the basics to stretch out muscles, however, perform them incorrectly due to simple biomechanics. When performing a quadriceps/hip flexor stretch patients usually perform this wrong as shown in the video. To perform this stretch correctly as shown in the video by Jordan you must push from your pelvis up and out and you should then feel the stretch through the hip and quadriceps. Another example that patients seem to do incorrectly is a hip flexor stretch. People often lean forward and keep learning, they may be to feel the stretch in their hamstrings or quadriceps, however, this doesn’t do anything for the hip flexors. Essentially what you want to do it tilt your pelvis, bringing it up and then lean forward slightly and you should be able to feel this stretch in your hip before even leaning forward too much.

As a physiotherapist, we are trained in biomechanics and to look at how you move, so if you feel like you are completing these stretches incorrectly, watch this video or come in and see up at Miami and Lakelands Physiotherapy.

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