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Low back pain is the most commonly treated condition by physiotherapists and if you have been unlucky enough to experience it, you know that severe back pain can really influence your day to day life. Today Ellen is going to talk to you about some common myths with low back pain.

The first one is talking about the term ‘slipped discs’.

A disc is a soft structure that sits between the vertebrae of the spine and provides flexibility and shock absorption in the spine. In the past, many health professionals, including doctors and physios, have told patients that the discs have slipped out of place as a way to explain what is happening in the spine. This isn’t the case.

These discs are actually very secure and rarely, if ever, ‘slip’ out of place. Following an injury, what typically happens is the disc will bulge slightly or some cases tear and more often than not, they will heal without any permanent injury or damage. They can also exist in the spine without causing any pain at all.

The second myth is bed rest following a back injury.

Our natural instinct is to rest, avoid movement and wait for the pain to pass. Again, this is not the case.

Studies have shown that being active and performing gentle, targeted exercises can help improve low back pain. The lack of movement can actually cause abnormal movement patterns and stress, leading to further pain. A physio will be able to guide you through some gentle exercises if you are experiencing any low back pain.

Lastly is that severe pain means severe damage. Which is not the case.

Sudden severe pain can be a scary experience. The spine is surrounded by nerves and is a particularly sensitive area of the body meaning the pain in this area can be very strong without significant damage. In many cases, symptoms lasting longer than 2-3 weeks are caused by changes to your movement patterns in response to this pain, such as muscle spasm, and not the injury itself.

So if you feel as though you would like us to assess your lower back pain then come on down so we can assist you and guide you with your self-management at Lakelands and Miami Physiotherapy.

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