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Hydrotherapy is the use of specific exercises in a warm pool instructed by an aquatic physiotherapist. This provides the benefits of warmth, buoyancy and resistance.

  • The warmth of the water helps by increasing circulation and decreasing pain.
  • Buoyancy helps to enable patients to weight-bear more easily in a low-impact environment with less stress on joints.
  • Resistance provides a work-out for the muscles of the body.

If you think you could benefit from exercising in a warm, low-impact, increased resistance environment keep listening to learn more.

At Miami Physiotherapy we have a 9m by 2.5m purpose-built hydrotherapy pool. It has step entry with a handrail for safe entry. It is kept at a maximum depth of 1.4m and heated throughout the year. To offset the environmental impact of the electric heater, we have a 30kW (that’s 120 solar electric generating panels!) solar system to generate our power.

Not sure if hydrotherapy will help you? If you have arthritis and find exercising on land painful – hydro is perfect for you. You will be able to move more easily, walk with the support of the water. You will be able to move against the resistance of the water to strengthen your muscles. As you achieve more strength, you will find that moving outside of the water environment is also easier and less painful.

Hydro is also perfect for post-surgery rehab where your surgeon wants you to partially weight bear but still strengthen your muscles. Or if you have a stress fracture but don’t want to lose strength in you muscles while you are resting the injured bone.

Hydro is perfect if you are wanting to lose weight and have not exercised for a long time. The water will support you, give you the resistance you need, without impacting on your joints. Once you achieve a foundation of strength and movement you can then progress into other forms of exercise.

So whether you have arthritis, back pain, you’ve had surgery or you want to lose weight – hydrotherapy is the perfect starting point for you.

If you would like to start a hydrotherapy exercise program at Miami Physiotherapy, you will first need an appointment with one of our physios so that we can assess and diagnose your health issue and tailor your hydrotherapy exercise program individual needs. We can start you on an individual program, or in a group session if you prefer.

We will teach you your individualised program and ensure you are using the correct technique to maximise your outcome. If you feel confident with your program, you may choose to continue independently, but we are happy to attend the pool with you as many times as you require to supervise and progress your exercises.

So if you want to get started on a hydro program and enjoy the benefits of improved movement, better strength, improved function and decreased pain – give us a call and we will be able to help you.

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