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Cupping therapy is a massage technique that originates way back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Middle Eastern Cultures. In fact, one of the first medical textbooks dated 1550BC called Ebers Papyrus describes Cupping in detail. Modern-day cupping involves placing a number of glass suction cups on your back and using a small suction pump to draw the air out of the glass cups to create the suction effect. This draws the skin into the cup stretching the skin, fascia and muscle attachments. The cups may then be moved along the skin to further massage and stretch the soft tissue, creating a myofascial like massage. This increases the blood flow to the tissue, stretches fascial tightness and results in increased relaxation and well-being.

Our Massage therapist at Miami Physiotherapy, Anna is trained in the technique of cupping and can use this technique on its own or as part of a longer massage treatment. If you’ve never tried cupping, or a massage with Anna – book now, you won’t be disappointed (but be quick, she’s super popular and books out quickly!).

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