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The neck forms the topmost part of the spine, which is commonly known as the cervical spine. It is a robust structure just like other joints in the body. Neck pain can be caused by many factors, eg, a specific pathology like fracture, infection or arthritis, or can be a functional problem. Most people with neck pain report pain after a sitting/sleeping position or can relate it to a particular activity such as biking. Now we also know that other factors like sleep disturbances, being overweight, anxiety, stress, depression can lead to your neck pain persisting.

If you have neck pain in certain postures and can relate to this, click on our link to book an appointment and get your neck assessed.

Let’s first bust some myths about posture. Based on current research evidence, we now know that there is no such thing as a good or a bad posture. Interestingly, a study on Australian adolescent population revealed no association between different postures like upright or slump postures and neck pain. This challenges widely held beliefs on posture and neck pain. 

Posture can be sometimes relevant to pain, in that, often the problem for neck pain is sustained or prolonged postures and less movement. For example sitting in front of the computer too close for a long time can at times put stress on your structures in the back of the neck and lead to pain. But this doesn’t mean that your overall posture is not good. In this instance, taking frequent breaks, modifying positions will provide relief and may solve the problem. Most importantly it is essential to build tolerance to any given position you require. 

And that is why sitting upright doesn’t solve the problem all the time. The solution is movement, building tolerance to activities you need to do and a gradual approach to more physical exercise!! Book an appointment with one of our physios at Miami or Lakelands physio to understand more about your neck pain. Each and every individual is unique and it is not always about the posture!

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