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How to Complete a Simple Ankle Taping

One of our recent videos from Jordan shows some helpful tips and exercises for managing an acute ankle sprain. Today Ellen follows on from that video and shows a simple way to complete a simple ankle taping that can be used in the acute phase of injury but can also be used for when you return back to the sport. It can also be used for those patients who have chronic ankle instability.

A typical ankle sprain is a result of the ankle going into inversion and plantarflexion or commonly described as rolling out. It results in the ligaments that support the outside of the ankle to be overstretched and damaged as a result. The concept behind the taping is to reduce the stressed ligaments and prevent that ankle from re-rolling in that same direction. With this taping, you should be able to walk freely and perform the same exercises that Jordan has previously described with minimal restriction.

Please watch the video for a full demonstration of the ankle taping.

It is advised that when returning back to sport particularly those that involve a change of direction at high speeds and on undulating surfaces such as footy, netball and soccer that you tape of brace the ankle for a few weeks while the injury fully recover.

Remember there are many different styles of taping and this is just one style that Ellen has found clinically useful for both acute injuries and pre-sport taping. Depending on where the injury has occurred in the ankle and the extent of the injury, you may require a technique of taping that is better suited to you.

So if you feel as though this taping could help you out or you would like us to assess your ankle then come on down so we can assist you and guide you with your own self-taping and management at Lakelands and Miami Physiotherapy.

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