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It’s Anya here from Miami Physiotherapy and Lakelands Physiotherapy, and I wanted to chat with you today about the way you do your exercises.


 You’ll often come home from a physio appointment with a couple of exercises we have suggested you do. I know that sometimes they can be quite tedious, and may take 10-15 minutes to get through, but I absolutely promise we don’t just make you do them for fun. 


Ultimately, it’s not the physiotherapy treatment alone that will get you pain-free, it’s the rehabilitation exercises we give you to do at home that will make the biggest difference.


Therefore, when you get out your mat, your theraband, or your weights, I want you to make sure that you aren’t just racing through them just to get them done. Technique is important, and doing an exercise with good technique instead of bad technique, may be the difference in whether you are improving or not. 


If you’ve got some exercises to do at home and you are not sure if you are doing them correctly, or they are causing pain, book an appointment to come and see us, and we can help correct your technique and make sure you are getting the most out of your rehab. 

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