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Most heel
pain is caused by plantarfasciopathy. This is the chronic inflammation of the
plantarfascia – the tendon which supports the arch in your foot. It joins into
the base of your heel bone and then travels the arch of your foot to connect
into the base of your toes. When the plantarfascia becomes overloaded – due to
poor foot positioning (like flat feet), poor shoes, an increase in load or
amount of exercise – the tendon tissue reacts becoming swollen, thickened and










you start to notice that it hurts when you first get out of bed each day and
that you struggle to walk when you get up from sitting. If you are a regular
walker or runner, you’ll notice that your heel pain is sore when you start
running, eases off after a while, but then starts to get sore and limits how
far you can go.










If you can
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At Miami
Physio and Lakelands Physio our physios are trained to thoroughly assess your
heel pain and all the contributing factors. We will then use our proven
plantarfasciopathy treatment program to get on top of your heel pain within 4
weeks. We will then work with you to correct your contributing factors to stop
your heel pain from coming back.










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This is one
of the most common problems we see in the clinic. People come to us having
tried everything – self treating with ice, rollers, stretches, shoe inserts,
changing shoes, then they see us and start our program and wish they’d come
months ago.










So if you have read this far, you are the very person that we can help. I’ve made a downloadable e-book called “The only exercise you need to manage your tendon pain”. And you can click on this link and get it for free. In it you’ll learn the ONE exercise to do to get immediate relief from your heel pain. If you would prefer to have a thorough assessment with our awesome physios, and get not just relief, but also stop your pain from coming back – book an appointment at either of our clinic locations and get started today.










Learn more about our tendinopathy treatment options.







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