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Hi my name is Emily and I am a certified GLA:D provider at Miami and Lakelands Physiotherapy. Today, I would like to introduce the GLA:D program.

The GLA:D Australia program is the most researched physiotherapy interventions for people with hip and knee arthritis. It started in Denmark in 2013 and to date has had more than 50000 people complete the program internationally, including over 8000 here in Australia.

GLA:D is a comprehensive exercise and education program consisting of an initial assessment where a person sets their own goals and undertakes 2 outcome measures – a 40 metre walk test and a 30 seconds sit-to-stand test. Participants then complete 2 lots of 1-hour group education which can be done via video conferencing at home or face-to face in the clinic. The education sessions will ideally be completed within the first 2 weeks of the exercise program. These sessions provide detailed information regarding osteoarthritis, pacing activity, the role of muscle strengthening and loading the knee, pain coping skills and weight management information.

The bulk of the program consists of twice weekly one-hour exercise sessions which are performed under the guidance of a certified physiotherapist. The program lasts for 6 weeks and a total of 12 sessions. The exercise program consists of 5 paired exercises with focus on the neuromuscular control of the joint, muscle and core strengthening exercises.

At the completion of the program, participants can expect an average pain decrease of 35% as well as reduced analgesia consumption. Reduction in perceived need for surgery and clinically meaningful improvement in joint confidence. Participants also learn the skills of how to manage their condition, pacing their strength and aerobic exercises and are in far better condition if continuing with having surgery. 

The GLA:D program provides a vital role in the treatment and management of hip and knee arthritis. Participation in the program can prevent a patient becoming more and more deconditioned and improve their quality of life. Secondly, the program can be used to increase the fitness, muscle strength and overall aerobic condition of a patient who is getting ready for a hip or knee replacement. Research continues to show that patients who are better conditioned prior to surgery have less complications and better outcomes than their deconditioned counterparts. Finally, GLA:D is an excellent program for when people who are not suitable for surgery are wanting to know what they can do to reduce their pain and improve their quality of life.

If this sounds like a program for you, please contact us at Miami Physiotherapy to book an assessment with our certified GLA:D certified physios.

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