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Are you suffering from pain on the outside of your hip?
Are you struggling to walk long distances or getting an ache at night that stops you sleeping?

Hey guys, its Anya from Miami and Lakelands physio here, and I wanted to talk to you about gluteal tendinopathy, a common tendon injury that causes pain at the lateral side of you hip.

This is a very common injury, especially in females, and can occur for many different reasons; overuse, underuse, or just a progressive degeneration in the tendon as you age. Studies show that it can affect up to 1 in 4 females over 50! Symptoms of this may include tenderness over the outside of your hip, pain when you lie on that side at night, or a deep ache through the outside of your leg with long periods of standing or walking.

The good news is, it is treatable, and I wanted to talk you through how we go about rehabilitating this injury using evidence based practice.

Unfortunately, just resting does not cure gluteal tendinopathy, the pain might go away for a little while, but it will likely come back the moment you start exercising again. The best way to make long term improvements is to work through a progressive loading program, focused on gradually increasing the strength around your hip and pelvis, and improving control around your pelvis.

What this can look like is an 8 – 12 week targeted exercise program, utilising both exercises you can do at home, and using machines we have in the clinic to progress your resistance and increase your strength over the long term.

These exercises are not too hard, but have proven more effective in improving pain and function in gluteal tendinopathy, when compared to other methods of treatment including “wait and see if it gets better” method or cortisone injections without rehabilitation alongside.
So what are you waiting for? If this sounds like you, come down and see us at Miami and Lakelands Physiotherapy so we can properly assess you, and get you started on the correct rehabilitation plan for you.

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