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Groin pain or injuries can be really limiting in sports and is quite commonly seen in footballers. It can come about from a strain or tear to the adductor muscle group, which runs on the inside of the thigh. There is a simple test called the 5-second adductor squeeze test that can be used to identify those at risk of developing groin pain.

For the test, you need to lie on your back with your knees bent up and feet resting on the floor. Next, squeeze your knees together against another person’s fist and hold for 5 seconds. A safe level of pain is 0-2/10, an acceptable level is 3-5/10 and 6-10/10 is high risk.

In an article using ice hockey players, those with less pain during the test had stronger muscles around the hip area and a far reduced risk of injury. Simple strengthening exercises may help improve strength and reduce pain in athletes with groin pain. This article also showed a reduction in groin problems by 41% following a strengthening program.

So if you are experiencing any groin pain during sport, or have a history of groin injuries, head to Miami and Lakelands physiotherapy and we can get you started on a treatment plan and strengthening program to help reduce your pain and injury risk.

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