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Did you know that being in pain is NOT a normal part of getting older?

While it is true that many people report more aches and pains as they grow older, the aging process itself isn’t the cause of the aches and pains.

Sure as you get older your bones and muscles aren’t as strong as they used to be. The body gets better at breaking down your muscles and bone, a process called sarcopenia (muscle breakdown) and osteoporosis (bone breakdown). The world health organisation now recommends all adults, including older adults participate in strength exercises for the arms and legs twice a week. 

But most older adults aren’t doing any strength exercises and are getting weaker, having poorer balance and experiencing more pain. In fact from the age of 40 you lose on average 1.4% of muscle mass and strength per year. So the stronger you are when you hit 40, the better you’ll be when you hit 60, as long as you maintain your exercise. But in order to decrease this muscle loss, you need to add in an extra strengthening session per week.

That’s where our new gym classes come in. On Tuesday mornings at 10 am we are running a physio supervised gym class. 

I will develop a gym program tailored to your goals and show you how to use the equipment. Then I monitor your technique to ensure you are performing the exercises safely and also correctly, so you get the most benefit from your work out!

So if you are new to strengthening exercise, have been on a break or feel more comfortable with having your exercise supervised by a physiotherapist, give us a call on 95344111 to book into our new class. Class numbers are small, so be quick to grab your spot.

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