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Here are 3 Exercises to Improve Shoulder Blade Control

The scapula is very important in shoulder stability. We as Physiotherapists work with it a lot with people who have shoulder impingements or anterior shoulder pain. There are 3 different exercises that we teach to improve shoulder blade control and movement.

The first is on a wall and you are able to self-palate your scapula, so you can feel what is going on. What we are trying to work on is a muscle called the serratus anterior which sits underneath your shoulder blade and fans itself like fingers around your ribs towards your sternum/chest. This muscle pulls your shoulder blade forwards and controls the movement in your shoulder blade when you are doing certain arm activities and exercises.

Please watch the video as Shelley explains and demonstrates how to do the exercise.

The second way we teach the exercise is laying down on a bed or the floor, some people find this way easier as they are able to feel their shoulder blade pressing into the bed or the floor. This way doesn’t have to be performed with a wait but sometimes it is easier as it gives a small amount of compression downwards.

Please watch the video as Shelley explains and demonstrates how to do the exercise.

For the third way, we get you to move into a loaded position on your hands and knees and much like on the way you are able to feel your shoulder blading gliding through the movement. Your shoulder stays put while your chest moves around the shoulder using those same muscles.

Please watch the video as Shelley explains and demonstrates how to do the exercise.

So give these exercises a go or come and see us today if you are struggling with shoulder pain and we can assist you at Lakelands and Miami Physiotherapy.

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