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Hello everyone I’m Danny your headache therapist from Miami Physiotherapy

Today we are going to talk about the ways in which physiotherapy can help with headaches and migraine. So if you have struggled with headaches and migraines, keep watching to find out how we can help you.

Why Do I Get Migraines?

There is strong and expanding evidence that the upper part of the neck feeds into the migraine processing centres of the brain via the Trigeminal nerve.

What we do here at Miami Physiotherapy is to take a thorough history of your condition and provide an accurate assessment of the upper part of your neck to determine whether or not it is contributing to your headache.

Assessing Migraines & Headaches

Part of the assessment involves reproducing and relieving your symptoms which proves that the neck is capable of influencing your pain. If we can reproduce your pain by moving or pressing on the joints in your neck, then there’s a excellent chance we can help fix or manage your headache.

We see a higher success rate with this approach than is commonly seen with the use of pharmaceuticals, including sub occipital (neck joint) injections.  Sometimes the best results occur with those that have been under a Neurologist for many years with limited success.

The medical model is to provide a diagnosis and treatment based on the symptoms, but what we are doing here is treating the underlying cause.

If that sounds interesting to you call us at Miami Physiotherapy to find out whether this approach may help you with your headaches.  Thank you for listening and I’ll see you soon.

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