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The squat exercise is a very important exercise and is involved in a lot of rehabilitation programmes for injuries.

What you don’t want to be doing is trying to do your rehab but injuring yourself with poor technique.

Watch the video for a few important tips to follow to perform a squat correctly.

So, if you are experiencing pain when completing a squat or feel as though you need some extra guidance come see us a Miami and Lakelands Physiotherapy and we can help you get on top of it.

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We can see you in our super clean clinic, or if you are self-isolating with your pain, injury or concern during these difficult times. Physiotherapy is considered an essential medical service and by helping people with their acute injury, chronic pain and rehab, we are able to take some pressure off our doctors and hospitals. If you are self-isolating or would prefer to stay home, we can offer you our Home Visit Service, our innovative Virtual Physio Consult or Telehealth Physio Consult. We will still deliver the same quality service to help you understand your problem and reach your health goal.