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Knee Cap Pain/Patellofemoral pain, talking about the patella and where it matches with the femur underneath. Please watch the video as Shelley explains the features of the knee. The kneecap slides up and down in a notch, think about it as a railway track and the kneecaps the train and it is going to move up and down on its tracks. So what happens if the muscles on either side that attach into the different sides of the kneecap if they’re not pulling equally then as the kneecap moves up and down and you contract your quadriceps tendon your kneecap will come across and smack the sides of the ‘railway track’ aka sides of the femur and that’s going to irritate the kneecap at the femoral condyle which is going to give you pain.

As Physiotherapist,s we do a style of taping called McConell taping as we are strengthening the knee.

Please watch the video as Shelley demonstrates how to complete a McConell taping of the knee.

So if you feel as though this taping could help you out or you have been diagnosed with patellofemoral syndrome then come on down so we can assist you and guide you with your own self-taping and management at Lakelands and Miami Physiotherapy.

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