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With so many people working at home over the last few months, I’ve noticed a lot of you have been complaining of neck or back soreness from sitting more at home, perhaps sitting in a poor position at the kitchen table or makeshift office, using a laptop without correct chairs or ergonomic equipment.

I’m Gaynor from Miami Physiotherapy. If this sounds like you, keep watching to find out why you’re sore and what you can do about it.


When we spend a lot of time in static positions, especially in a poor position, this causes increased muscle tension and in turn can cause spinal stiffness and dysfunction. This is a really common situation and affects most of us if we sit for prolonged periods of time.

Today I’m going to show you a few really simple things that can help alleviate the pain of prolonged sitting.

Alleviating Prolonged Sitting Pain

Firstly, support your spine by using a Lx roll when sitting.  If you can maintain the small inwards curve in the low back when sitting for a prolonged period of time, you reduce the postural stress on the low back.  This in turn corrects the upper back and neck positions as you can see here (show difference in posture on a model)

Now we can’t get away from the fact that you may need to spend long periods of time at a workstation, but now I am going to show you a couple of really simple stretches on the foam roller to prevent spinal stiffness and pain.

So, if you are struggling with neck or back pain related to postural stiffness and work, give us a call at Miami Physiotherapy and Lakelands Physiotherapy and book in for a thorough assessment so we can fully assess your specific postural needs and give you the correct advice!

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