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Is your lateral hip pain stopping you from sleeping on your side, and preventing you from walking?

I’m Shelley, from Miami Physio and Lakelands Physio, and today I am going to talk to you about lateral hip pain – which is often caused by Gluteal Tendinopathies (Often Drs will talk about hip bursitis).

Lateral hip pain can be a massive problem – it can keep you awake at night, tossing and turning because it’s sore to compress the area laying on your side. This can leave you tired and sore. It will also give you grief when you get up from sitting, when you sit with your legs crossed and when you start walking. You might be finding you can’t walk as far as you used to because of the pain.

If you can relate to this, click on the link and see how we can help sort out your lateral hip pain.

Tendinopathy Treatment

At Miami Physio and Lakelands Physio we use a specific tendon rehab program to fix your gluteal tendinopathy. We will assess your problem and give you the exact treatment and plan you need to get rid of your lateral hip pain. Stick to our regime and you’ll be able to stop your lateral hip pain from recurring.

Don’t put up with your lateral hip pain any longer. Click on our link to find out more about how we treat gluteal tendinopathy and what you can do to start getting some relief from your pain straight away.

Book An Appointment For Your Tendinopathy

This is one of the most common problems we see in our clinics. Clients come to us having tried everything – resting, stopping exercise, ice, even injections. Then they come see us and we get their pain under control within 4 weeks so they can get back to sleeping on their side, sitting comfortably and walking like they used to. 

So if you want to get your hip pain sorted, you can start by clicking on our link to find out what you can do to manage your pain and start rehabilitating your tendon. If you’re not sure if your pain is from a hip tendinopathy, call us on 95344111 (Falcon) or 95429999 (Lakelands) and one our physios will be able to assess your hip pain and get you started on the correct program for you.

Don’t put up with hip pain anymore. Click on our link to find out how you can get started and get some pain relief.

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