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With kid’s home schooling due to Covid19, many kids are not getting their daily dose of activity. Did you know that activity levels in kids are linked to their health later in life? Active kids also perform better, improve their ability to concentrate and sleep better.

Over the fortnight, we are going to release a series of videos aimed at helping you to get your kids moving.

Why is it important for kids to exercise? From birth to 5 years the recommended amount of exercise for kids is 3 hours throughout every day! That sounds like a lot. But, most young children get this through daily activity such as tummy time, object and messy play, playground activities and games. This ensures that kids are healthy, happy, sleep better and are ready for learning.

Older kids (5-18 years) should get 60 minutes of exercise spread throughout each day. This will build confidence and social skills. It will improve co-ordination, mood, concentration and their capacity to learn. It will also help to maintain a healthy weight and improve general health. This exercise includes general play, dance, active travel, sport and structured exercise.

The problem is studies show that moderate-to-vigorous activity drops sharply at age 8. Now add to that the current situation of kids moving into online schooling from home. They have lost their school play time, structured school PE as well as their sports. And now they are spending more time sitting in front of a computer. So, it’s more important than ever to keep our kids active.

We want to help you keep your kids moving in these school holidays and whilst they are online learning. This will help keep them healthy, happy and decrease the stress of being stuck at home. Let’s have some fun!

So, stay tuned – here’s our kids program coming to you through facebook videos over the next 2 weeks.

– Obstacle courses you can make at home

– Pilates for kids

– Kids Balance and strength

– HIIT kid-style

Comment below with which activity you and your kids are most excited about. Then watch our vids, join in, replay them as much as you want and let’s get our kids moving!

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