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Spiky balls are the perfect accessory to have close to hand when you are feeling a bit tight and knotty in your muscles and can’t get in to see your remedial massage therapist, or your physio.

But firstly, how do they help?

You need to understand a bit about tight muscle first. When muscles are overused or are in a state of spasm, the connective tissue within the muscle becomes taut, and is then subjected to decreased circulation, decreased nutrients and becomes hyperirritable. This often creates myofascial trigger points (muscle knots). These myofascial trigger points become a secondary source of pain. Myofascial release (trigger point massage) involves manual pressure of the trigger point with prolonged stretching to break up these fascial adhesions, increase circulation, increase the flexibility of the muscle and importantly causes a release of endogenous opiates –  your body’s natural pain killers.

The spiky balls with their little hard spiky bits are the perfect self-torture device (in a good-pain way!!). The firm spikes allow you to apply the exact amount of pressure that feels good to you. This allows you to perform myofascial releases and trigger point massage on yourself.

Watch Anna in this video explain how to use a spiky ball on your shoulder blade/neck and also lower back muscles.

If you would like your very own spiky ball, we stock these in a range of colours at Miami Physiotherapy and Lakelands Physiotherapy. Pop in and pick one up.

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