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Let’s talk Tech-Neck!

Tech neck is a term we are using to describe neck pain and headaches associated with poor neck and head postures whilst using phones and tablets. We see this very commonly these days with people, and especially kids spending a fair amount of time on phones and tablets. Most people sit on the couch, slouch or slump down, and then posture their head looking into the extreme end of range flexion. This position puts pressure on the discs, stresses the posterior facet joints, stretches the soft tissues of the neck such as the ligaments and muscles. This is also a neural stretch position for the spinal nerves. Ultimately, repeatedly assuming this posture, or holding this posture for a length of time will cause aggravation and pain to these structures, resulting in neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and upper back pain.

There’s a simple solution

  • Firstly limit your time on tablets and phones
  • Secondly, when using tablets and phones check your posture, and have a break every 15 minutes.

The flow on effect of continued posturing in extreme neck flexion can also be a weakness to the cervical muscles, and an imbalance of the muscles around the neck and head. Teachers are noticing this in the classroom with students struggling to maintain an upright head and neck posture. This can be corrected with strengthening exercises for the neck, the most basic being the chin tuck. We have previously shown this exercise in a video, which you can see here.

If you or someone in your family has tech-neck, give us a call and we will be able to assess their posture, their neck joints and muscles and get them back on track to a straight and painless posture.

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