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Is arthritis slowing you down? Have you lost confidence in your balance, or even fallen over lately?

Tai Chi may be the perfect solution for you.

Keep reading and I’ll introduce you to this simple and enjoyable way to reduce your pain and improve your physical confidence.

Pain, perhaps from an arthritis flare, or an operation can stop you from being normally physically active. ‘When you don’t move it you lose it.’ Gradually getting stiffer and weaker, eventually you find you have difficulty getting out of a chair, going up stairs, going for a walk or doing other activities you enjoy. This in turn can make you unsteady on your feet. Research has shown that either walking outside or having a fear of falling doubles your risk of actually falling over. This ultimately put limits on your lifestyle.

I’m sure most people are aware that regular physical activity has wide-ranging health benefits but putting it into practise is another challenge entirely. It’s difficult to find the time, the place, the people or the right type of exercise that’s not too difficult or too boring!

Tai Chi is a slow and gentle way of moving based on an ancient Chinese martial art that integrates the mind and body. It is evidence-based, meaning research has proven that it helps reduce pain and improve balance, strength, confidence and general health especially in chronic health conditions. 

There are many styles of Tai Chi some very difficult and challenging. Dr Paul Lam, a Sydney GP convinced of the health benefits of Tai Chi, has modified the most gentle style into a form that almost everyone can do. In fact his two major rules are to have fun and stay safe.

Happily here at Miami Physio in Falcon we have the ideal space for groups to come together together and enjoy learning Tai Chi. We are about to start our next block for beginners. 8 weeks to teach you the basics and help you on your journey to better movement and function.

To find out more about our Tai Chi class, or to book your spot, call us on 95344111.

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