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We’re excited to share that we will have two new classes beginning this week at Miami Physiotherapy!

  • Thursdays at 8am with Emilie
  • Fridays at 8am with Anya

Numbers are limited and bookings essential, call us on 9534 4111 for more information about these new classes.

For a sneak peak at a class, watch our video!

What is Pilates and who will benefit from participating?

The traditional form of Pilates, developed in the 1920s by legendary physical trainer Joseph H. Pilates, is an exercise system that focuses on improving flexibility, strength and endurance without building bulk.

It focuses on the abdomen, lower back and buttocks (the “core” or “power center”) with the goal of promoting strength, muscular harmony and balance using efficient exercises based on control of the body and correct breathing.

Pilates is a conditioning program for the entire body in which all muscles are evenly developed and the overuse of specific muscle groups is avoided. The Pilates system consists of many different exercises allowing for exercises to be adjusted as you improve. Over time, pilates exercises have been scientifically evaluated and modified for the benefits of the modern lifestyle. At Miami Physiotherapy, our pilates style classes are designed to improve your core stability, flexibility and control. 

Improving your core stability has been shown to reduce your chance of back pain recurrence from 80% to less than 30% (maintained over 4 years). For this reason, many of our clients successfully manage their back issue and are able to return to their hobbies and sports by participating in Physio Rehab Classes or Pilates classes.

It is also widely proven in the scientific literature that the best form of treatment for arthritic joints such as knees and hips is improving the movement and strength around these joints. By building and maintaining the strength of the muscles around the problem joint, some of the impact forces are transferred through the muscles rather than the bones, therefore offloading and decreasing the force and pain felt at these joints. It is like building a muscular scaffold around your sore joint! These joints need low impact strengthening and range of motion exercises, so pilates style classes are perfect.

Other health problems that our classes may help include neck pain, shoulder weakness/rotator cuff weakness, gluteal weakness/tendinopathies, patella-femoral syndromes (knee cap pain) and lower limb weakness. 

People with chronic health conditions will also benefit from pilates style classes with improved mobility, strength, function and ultimately quality of life. The types of chronic issues that may benefit from a Physio Rehab Class/Pilates class include osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, sarcopenia (muscle weakness and wasting), scoliosis and chronic pain conditions.

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