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A common thing that physiotherapists hear is ‘I was hoping it would get better on its own’.

It is one of the frustrating things that physiotherapists deal with as ‘putting up’ with pain has negative effects on the body and the recovery process. Very often we see people who have had their injury for months on end without seeking any treatment for it and the typical pattern is that the pain starts off as minor and then worsens as time progresses. It then takes much longer to reach full recovery.

Some of the negative effects of pain include

  • Inhibition of muscle function/strength
  • Increase in muscle tension and abnormal movement patterns
  • Poor sleep and increased fatigue
  • Unnecessary physical and emotional stress on the body
  • Limiting social/recreational activities which can reduce quality of life

The longer you wait for an injury to ‘heal’ without seeking treatment, the longer the recovery process is going to take. So if you have any niggles or pain that ‘just won’t go away’, seek treatment for it before it becomes worse or leads to further problems. We are happy to see anyone regardless how long your pain has been around for whether its 2 days or 2 years but remember the sooner, the better!

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