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Low back pain is common after sitting for a long period of time at a desk, or on a couch bingeing your favourite TV series! Is this you?

Hi, my name is Emily and today I will be continuing this two part series of postural related pain. Today, we are focusing on low back pain.

Postural low back pain is a very common issue physios treat, especially as people are sitting down for longer periods of time.

There’s a myth that there is a “good sitting posture” which is sitting upright, and a “bad sitting posture” which is slouching. In truth, the best sitting posture is to not sit for too long at all. When you sit for too long either upright or slouched, you are essentially increasing the load on your back muscles for long periods of time.

If you experience low back ache from sitting for long stretches of time, continue listening for tips on how to reduce and avoid it.

Workplace modification

Firstly, set your workplace up so that your hips and knees are 90 degrees, and your feet are flat on the floor. If your legs can’t reach the floor, use a stool under your feet. Also make sure that you can lean on the back of the chair while maintaining your hip angle at 90 degrees.

Taking frequent breaks

Breaks should be taken every hour. Take the break to walk around your office/house or around the classroom in between classes at school.


Simple exercises can be done at your desk to help relieve and prevent low back ache.

  • Squats – feet shoulder width apart, bend at the knees as if you are sitting into a chair behind you.
  • Pelvic tilts – sitting up tall, push your belly out and tuck your belly in while keeping your shoulders still.
  • Back stretches – Lean forward to touch the ground. Rotate left and right, hugging your legs to stretch the sides of your back. Hold the stretches for 30 seconds.

If you currently have low back pain from sitting for long periods, book an appointment with one of our physios at Miami or Lakelands Physiotherapy for a thorough assessment. We can help identify possible causes for your low back ache and help to treat it.

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