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Here are the Secrets to Treating Annoying Tendinopathies.

Do you want to know what the secrets are to treating those annoying tendinopathies? Read on and watch above as Shelley will show you how to treat and manage these conditions. Let’s focus on Gluteal Tendinopathies, this is one of the most common conditions we treat, you might have heard it be called hip bursitis. So, we are talking about the overuse and fraying of the glute Medius tendons. When these are inflamed, you can get pain after sitting for a long period of time, when walking and it is also painful when laying down on your side. This problem will not get better by itself and you need to start on a tendon rehab program which Shelley shows in the video above.

The tendon rehab program involves assessment, physio treatments and a home exercise program. It’s the home exercise program that’s the secret to success. In the first stage of treatment, while the tendon is very sore, we want to settle it down. To do this we teach you an exercise called “Tendon Panadol” which is an isometric contraction that helps to decrease the pain while starting to strengthen the tendon. Isometric means contracting, tightening the muscle, but without moving the joint at all.

(Please watch and listen to the above video for an explanation and demonstration).

Once your pain has decreased and your aggravating activity is no longer painful then you are able to be processed onto an isotonic strengthening exercise. This means a strengthening exercise contracting the tendon whilst shortening or lengthening the muscle as we do it.  The isotonic exercises recommend is a TheraBand clamshell exercise.

(Please watch and listen to the above video for an explanation and demonstration).

For most people, these exercises get them to stage three of the rehab program and this is where we start addressing higher-level activities, ideally, we progress to standing or functional strengthening exercise at this point. The one we commonly use for glute Medius tendons is a TheraBand crab walk.

(Please watch and listen to the above video for an explanation and demonstration).

Now you will need a proper diagnosis and treatment before commencing this program. So if you think you have a glute medius tendinopathy or a hip bursitis follow our book now button for an appointment or call our friendly team at Miami and Lakelands Physiotherapy.

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