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This week is Senior’s Week in Mandurah, and so to honour all our seniors out there, we are making it the focus of our education topics. 

Last week marked the release of Injury Matters – WA Falls Report 2019, a report detailing the falls related events and statistics for WA during the reporting years of 2014 through to 2017. 

Falls are the number 1 cause of injury hospitalisations and injury related fatalities in WA with more than 20% prevalence. The consequences to the individual include injuries such as fractures and head trauma, and with survival, an increase in falls fear – often leading to a reduction in community and fitness related activities. This further impacts the quality of life and is detrimental to the individual’s health. There is also the knock-on effect to family members, carers, and the health care system.

With our aging population, the current high falls incidence is expected to cause an increasing burden unless further is done to help prevent falls. Lots of people believe that falls are an inevitable part of ageing – but this is not true. It is important that we change this thinking and encourage our seniors to actively prevent falls.

3 things that will help prevent falls:

  1. Keep moving your body – participate in structured and/or unstructured exercise programs that include strength, balance and movement. Such as Keep Fit Programs, Stay on Your Feet, Living Stronger Living Longer, Thai Chi for Balance, Strength and Conditioning for over 55s.
  2. Improving your health – 150 min per week of light to moderate activity, or 75 min of moderate to vigorous activity as per the World Health Organisations recommendations will decrease your all-cause mortality. This can be walking, leisure activities, or structured programs.
  3. Removing Hazards. 

This week we will be highlighting some of our services that will help you to prevent falls – balance and sarcopenia assessment, osteoporosis and how to prevent/reverse it, tests for your daily functioning as well as the treatments and classes that we offer to help:

Strength and Conditioning for 55+ Classes 

Physio Rehab Class

Thai Chi for Balance (coming soon in Feb 2020) 

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