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Here’s our last functional test to try – Short Performance Physical Battery. This forms part of our testing we use for sarcopenia (muscle weakness and muscle wasting). It’s a great test covering balance and function, and in the clinic, we often combine this with muscle strength tests to give us an in-depth assessment of your current strength and ability.

The scoring is quite complicated, so I am going to explain the components without the score – you’ll get a good idea of your level anyway (tune into Facebook to see a demo). As with all physical tests, especially balance ones – only attempt this if you feel able and safe.

1. Can you stand with your feet together for more than 10 sec?

2. Can you stand with your feet in a tandem position (like you are about to take a step) for more than 10 sec (on both sides)?

3. Can you stand in a heel-toe position for more than 10 secs? More than 3 but less than 10? (again both sides)

4. Can you stand from a normal kitchen type chair without using your hands?

5. How long does it take to stand up and sit down from the chair 5 times?

6. Now perform the Gait Speed test as well.

If you found all of these activities relatively easy – good job! You are probably managing all your required tasks in life well, have a low falls risk and can probably get up from the floor ok as well. However, if this was hard for you, further testing by one of our physios will help determine where you need to focus and we’ll start you on an exercise program to get you as strong as possible so you can get the most out of life!

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