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Watch as Ellen explains to you how to recognise the signs and symptoms of patellofemoral syndrome.

Patellofemoral syndrome is pain felt around or underneath the kneecap that comes from the joint where the patella sits on the femur. Most people will describe the onset of pain when the knee is in a flexed position commonly walking up or down steps and hills, running, squatting or lunging.

It can come about from a few different causes, some of these are poor foot posture, weakness in the glutes and quads, tightness of the lateral (or outer) knee structures and can also be from a localised injury to the knee.

The good news is that it can be managed well with physiotherapy treatment along with a strengthening program. We can also offer taping and braces which can help to manage your pain while you progress through your program and for return to sport or normal activity.

So come down and see us at M and LL physio and we can help get you sorted

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