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Prolapse is one of the biggest secrets in women’s health. Did you know that 50% of women who have had children are affected by prolapse, so there are literally millions of women who suffer this condition in silence! 

A prolapse is where either the bladder, bowel or uterus bulge into the vaginal space or even descend into the vagina, and in severe cases can protrude out of the vagina. 

The cause of prolapse can be varied but the single most common cause is pregnancy and childbirth. 

Prolapse occurs when the connective tissue and muscles in the pelvic area are weakened , either naturally as we age, especially as menopause starts and oestrogen levels drop, or due to obesity, smoking, constipation and straining, excessive coughing sue to lung conditions or hay fever, and heavy lifting either at work or at the gym. 

In many cases there are no symptoms and the condition is picked up on a routine pelvic exam or pap test. In moderate and severe cases the bulging tissue can cause dragging pain in the pelvis or vaginal area, low back pain, incontinence of urine, difficulty passing a bowel motion, discomfort with intercourse or even discomfort with sitting and a noticeable bulge. 

Prolapse can affect women physically and emotionally and can impact on fitness, employment, sexuality, social interaction and quality of life. 

The most important thing in prevention and treatment of prolapse is early detection and correct management. However, often women avoid seeking help early due to fear or embarrassment. The good news is, an internal examination is not necessarily needed tp be assessed and get some good advice. Your women’s health physiotherapist can so a detailed assessments of your symptoms and give you tailored advice on maintenance of correct bladder and bowel habits to prevent worsening of a prolapse. We can also get you started on pelvic floor exercises which evidence shows can effectively reduce symptoms and severity of prolapse. 

So if you have any symptoms of prolapse or are worried about prolapse, come and see me at Miami Physiotherapy and Lakelands Physiotherapy. 

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