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Experiencing hip pain when putting on shoes? You may have osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis (or OA) is a degenerative condition affecting the cartilage surface of the bone. This is your ‘wear and tear’ arthritis, which commonly affects the hip joints, as well as other joints of the body. Once there, osteoarthritis causes pain and stiffness as the rough surface of the worn cartilage is irritated by movement.

Hip Pain & Daily Living

Typically, someone presenting with OA of the hip will tell us they have groin pain when walking, getting up from a chair, lifting their knee up towards their chest or reaching to tie their shoes. Sometimes, they’ll also report pain down the front of the thigh to the knee, which is referred pain. Quite commonly, when their OA gets moderately severe, people can no longer reach their feet. Those affected will often choose to wear slip-on shoes rather than tie-up shoes. This is a big indicator to us that hip OA is affecting their activities of daily living.

Hip Osteoarthritis Management

OA of the hip in its mild to moderate form can often be managed with treatment using mobilisations, activity modification and exercises to maintain range of motion and improve the strength of the muscles around the hip.

Interestingly, X-Rays of the hip have a poor correlation to signs and symptoms, and as such we often find the clinical presentation of the person a more reliable indicator.

If you feel as though you may have osteoarthritis of the hip, then come on down to Miami & Lakelands Physiotherapy for an assessment.

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