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This Coronavirus driving us into isolation has kicked off a whole different lifestyle for many of us. Such a radical change in daily routines can be very upsetting at first and affects us in many ways, both physically and emotionally.

We humans are social creatures so self-isolation is stressful for us. Stress, fear and anxiety, all natural human reactions, can lower immunity and we know that Covid-19 affects people with lowered immunity more severely.  Add that to a little arthritic stiffness and being unable to get out and about in the sunshine and you’re soon on a slippery slope to sloth-ville.

So if you’re starting to feel a little lost and lonely, finding it difficult to keep fit and healthy now that you have cleaned, tidied and sorted everything around your house and in your garden, now is the ideal time to introduce something new and fun into your life.

Tai chi has been medically proven to boost immunity and Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention that we teach at Miami Physio is specially adapted to be simple yet effective so that almost everyone can do it, even sitting down. Since February many people began their tai chi journey with us and are already feeling the benefits of increased strength and balance, more confidence, less pain and, yes, a boosted immunity.

Once we were required to self-isolate we learned a new skill, how to do virtual classes. Since then we’ve been able to continue the fun, making slow and steady progress and enjoying teach other’s company while playing tai chi on Zoom. Sure it’s not without it’s challenges IT-wise but the lovely young receptionists at Miami Physio have made it very easy to set up on your iPad, computer or even your phone. If I can manage it anyone can and it will be well worth it.

So do your whole system a favour and come join me on a Wednesday afternoon or Friday morning for some healthy mind-and-body relaxing fun doing Tai Chi at home through zoom, or back at Miami Physio from Wed 20th May.

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