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In the last session we talked about using brain bioplasticity to train your brain away from pain which might sound a little “out there” and hard to believe. Many people I see in my clinic room ask me if they can expect their pain to ever go away. Especially if they’ve had it for a long time and tried a lot of treatments, a person can lose hope and become quite down. 

Often even thinking about moving, or watching someone else do something that you would find painful can cause pain so where do we start?

Just as we might rehabilitate an injured joint by gradually easing it into movement and practising strengthening exercises, we can train your brain away from the pain. Your physio can assess where you’re at and start you in at a manageable level then progress you slowly using a variety of techniques. These might include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), the Recognise App, mirror therapy and activity pacing.

Generally the longer you’ve had a problem the longer it takes to resolve and it does take time for the brain/body to adapt so expect this to be a marathon rather than a sprint. However with coaching and teamwork it IS possible to train your brain away from pain.

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