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Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger point dry needling is a technique that we use to help reduce, or eliminate the pain caused by trigger points in the muscle.

A trigger point (also commonly talked about as a knot) is a taut band in your muscle that is hyperirritable. It can cause pain, not only directly around the tight band, but it can also cause referred pain to somewhere else in the body. For example, you can get big toe pain that is coming directly from a trigger point in your shin! You can form trigger points for many reasons, including when a muscle is put under stress or injured. When they developed these trigger points it can be very tough to get rid of them, and they can start affecting the rest of your body.

The way trigger point needling works is that we insert a needle into your muscle and find one of these trigger points. when this happens, it causes a twitch response of the muscle. This twitch is the muscle suddenly contracting and relaxing. This twitch helps us reset this area of your muscle, help blood flow, and get rid of this trigger point that may be causing you pain.

If you have any areas of your body you feel have lots of knots, or you are getting an ache or pain somewhere, then trigger point needling maybe something that can help get rid of this and I recommend having a physio assess you, so we can recommend whether dry needling is going to help you.

So if you feel as though you would like us some trigger point dry needling to reset those tight muscles then come on down so we can assist you at Lakelands and Miami Physiotherapy.

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