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Have you ever wondered what normal back movement is?

I’m Shelley from Miami Physiotherapy and today Danny is demonstrating in our video what we call a ViMove Assessment.

Developed in conjunction with athletes and patients from around the world, ViMove allows our team to obtain a better understanding of the unique features of your movements and postures that may be contributing to injuries and pain.

Vimove uses wireless sensor technology to accurately and objectively measure movement and muscle activity.

Wireless sensors are placed on your body and record movement and muscle activity, helping to pinpoint potential areas of concern.

So this is an assessment that we do on anybody with suspected back problems, or even if they don’t have back problems, as a screening tool to see how their back is moving.

What the information gives us is:

  • exactly your range of motion for your back, down to the tiniest degree.
  • What your muscles are doing during these different movements, and that gives us a really good idea of how your back is moving,
  • whether there’s anything that we need to do to prevent any potential injuries in the future, and
  • if you’ve got an injury or back pain, that we’re on the right track and if there’s anything we need to add on to get you moving normally.

Now, it’s also very good at being able to show us your improvements over time, once we’ve started implementing your program. And you can clearly see on the report how that’s going.

So watch the assessment, and just be mindful, we’ve sped up the footage in the actual assessment. So you will see the different parts of the assessment, and then we’ll pop a report up as well so you can have a look at that.

If you’re interested in seeing how we assess backs on our ViMove machine, and you’d like to have us assess your back, give us a shout at Miami Physiotherapy or Lakelands Physiotherapy and we’ll be able to help you out.

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