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Are You Experiencing a Cervicogenic Headache? How We Treat and Assess Headaches

Do you have a headache following a whiplash injury or do you experience pain that seems to start in your neck and then spread through to one side of your head or arm?

If you have answered yes to any of the previous symptoms, there is a high chance that you have what we know as a cervicogenic headache. Lucky for you our team at Miami and Lakelands Physiotherapy can assess and diagnose your headache and help you manage your pain. We created a specific plan of care tailored to treat your headache that includes mobilization, soft tissue management and a range of exercises such as strengthening and stretching.

Jordan will now show you how to complete a few exercises. However, it is recommended that you come in and see one of us to ensure you are doing them correctly and that you are at the right stage of your rehab.

Recommended exercises for Cervicogenic Headaches:

Please follow the video as Jordan shows an exercise to improve range of movement in your neck using a towel.

Please follow the video as Jordan shows a deep neck flexor activation exercise/movement to relax the tight muscle at the base of the skull.

There is a whole range of exercises that the Physiotherapists and Miami and Lakelands physiotherapy teach to manage cervicogenic headaches combined with the hands-on treatment we are able to assist with patients managing such headaches.

So, come on down to Miami or Lakelands Physiotherapy so we can get you on the right track or call us to make an appointment.

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