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Last week I read this article:

“Effects of Resistance Training on Functional Strength and Muscle Mass in 70+ year old individuals with Pre-Sarcopenia: A Randomised Controlled Trial”

This confirmed what we physios have thought for a while – that older people who train 3x per week at home doing body weight exercises were able to increase muscle mass and prevent loss of functional strength.

Older individuals who live a sedentary lifestyle are at risk of sarcopenia, which is the decreased size and weakness of muscles. This can lead to a decrease in function, poor health, high falls and injury risk, and ultimately death (seriously scary statistic – 90% of people who suffer a fractured hip from a fall die with-in a year)

A musculoskeletal screening with one of our physios can highlight any muscle weakness you may have, and then we can set you an individualized exercise program to prevent or reverse sarcopenia (muscle weakness). This will give you the best opportunity to fully enjoy your life and live a full and active lifestyle.

If you want to prevent weak muscles and maximise your health and lifestyle, book a musculoskeletal screening assessment and receive an individualized exercise program for free.

This exercise is one of the exercises you will be taught at your physiotherapy assessment, and should only be attempted when you have been assessed by your physiotherapist and shown how to do it correctly.

So, if you are experiencing this come see us a Miami and Lakelands Physiotherapy and we can help you get on top of it.

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