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There are many different areas of the body that posture affects and different methods that can help correct it. Posture isn’t always just associated with the back and shoulders, even foot posture can be corrected with the help of exercises, footwear and insoles into shoes.      Posture is important as it helps to evenly distribute the stress that goes through the body and help to alleviate strain on muscles, joints and ligaments. By correcting your posture, your body can work more efficiently and there is less fatigue for those muscles that are getting overworked.

It can even help improve the way you breathe, move, and ease or prevent pain.

Posture also has a role in balance, by standing up straighter, your weight is better centred over your feet so there is less chance you will topple forward. During exercise, posture has a role in maintaining correct form which will then result in fewer injuries and better work out results. Even if you aren’t an athlete or particularly active you can still benefit with correct posture.

So what is a ‘good posture’ in standing:

  1. The chin parallel to the floor
  2. Shoulders even – (roll them up, back and down)
  3. Neutral spine – no over or under arching in the spine which influences the curvature of your lower back
  4. Abdominal muscles braced
  5. Hips even
  6. Body weight evenly distributed on both feet

If you can, try picture a relatively straight line between the ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. A prompt that can help with this is to lift up through the chest a few centimetres.

So come and see us today if you are struggling with your posture and we can set you up with some exercises to assist you at Lakelands and Miami Physiotherapy.

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