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    Indi Kamura

    Remedial Massage Therapist

    Indi graduated with her Diploma of Remedial Massage from Train Smart Australia in 2023, and not long after joined Lakelands and Miami physiotherapy.

    Starting her journey as a massage therapist was an impulse that blossomed into a passion. Indi enjoys assisting patients to have a better quality of life with the use of massage and give people the time and space to help relieve any stress, aches, and pains they may be having.

    To continue her professional development, Indi has many modalities that she is excited to incorporate in addition to massage therapy, such as taping, cupping, and dry needling to name a few.

    Indi is trained in martial arts and has become too familiar with injuries and injury rehabilitation, her own injuries has guided her to an interest in sports related injuries, sport injury rehabilitation and how remedial massage can aid in the recovery and the performance with athletes.

    Outside of being a massage therapist, Indi enjoys training at the gym, cooking and baking, chilling out and watching movies with her fur baby and partner.Indi currently works at our Lakelands clinic on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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