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Learn how to self-massage with a spiky ball

Spiky balls are the perfect accessory to have close to hand when you are feeling a bit tight and knotty in your muscles and can’t get in to see your remedial massage therapist, or your physio. But firstly, how do they help? You need to understand a bit about tight...

Kids Gym and Balance Class Ideas

Hi everyone! Do you need some more ideas for how to keep your kids active whilst kids are on school holidays or home schooling? I am Shelley from Miami Physiotherapy and Lakelands Physiotherapy. Today I am going to show you a series of simple strength and balance...

Walking around barefoot can flare up PF

Are you one of the unlucky ones to have experienced plantar fasciitis recently? I’m here today to talk about how walking in bare feet can stir up plantar fasciitis. This is pain that is commonly felt in the heel or in inner side of your foot through the arch. If you...

Welcome to Kids Circuit Exercise

This is our third kids exercise ideas in our let’s get kids moving series. We’ve picked exercises that don’t need any specific equipment, so that you can do this at your house super easily! If you remember the HIIT class we did at the beginning of the week, we picked...

Pilates for Kids

Kids bored? Wondering what else you can do with them whilst they are home or isolating? Wondering how you are going to get your pilates classes in yourself with so many distractions? Here’s  a few pilates based exercises that the kids can get involved in with you...
The Importance of Stretching After Sport

The Importance of Stretching After Sport

It’s a weeknight, you’ve finished work and headed straight to training, where you’ve slogged it out for a couple of hours with your teammates. At the end of your session, you’re exhausted and keen to get home for dinner, to see your partner or family and to relax, so...

Welcome to our first kids exercise class: HIIT for kids.

A few tips: 1. Do each exercise for 20 sec 2. Rest for 10 sec in between. The first time you try, do 1 round. If you get tired after 5 exercises then have a 30sec rest before the next set of 5. As you get better you can do up to 4 sets of each exercise and then have a...
Preventing Injury This Summer

Preventing Injury This Summer

We’re so lucky to live in Western Australia, where our summers are spent outside enjoying the sunshine, trying new outdoor activities and generally being active. But with the sunshine alluring us to get outside and get moving, we also tend to see more patients coming...

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